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My name is Birgit Smit, 39 years old, based in Uithoorn, NL. I used to work in content, communication and consultancy. That’s how I became a strong listener and learned how to capture the essence of a conversation.

In 2013 I discovered working visually & functional drawing and changed course completely. In the last 7 years I’ve been part of many different events and projects.

No situation is the same and that’s the best thing about my job. Every new collaboration allows me to take a deep dive into the issue and add value through my drawings.



I translate your words into clear hand drawn visuals, in video, digital images or print. Consider me your personal neutral outsider, offering a critical but fresh perspective. I will tell you the truth and don’t beat around the bush.

To show the essence in a drawing, approaching it from the right angle, a shared image containing a certain level of emotion. That is the power of visual storytelling.

This way of drawing is not art, it’s a tool. Just an extra way of expressing yourself. To convey your story, your message, in the best possible way.



People are image thinkers by nature. That’s how we find meaning in the world around us.
And yet, when we try to express ourselves, we type page after page, attend endless meetings and just hope we understand each other.

More than ever people need clarity and insight. They need to know why they do things and to understand what the company they work for, stands for.

Visual stories are here to share, remember, to be proud of. To connect and motivate to get the most out of these complex times.

What do you need?



Which story will you to tell? Use drawings to show people your mission, vision, why or history. Or surprise your audience with a visual pitch, presentation or document that really gets to the heart of it.


  • a VisualStoryVideo (explainer/ whiteboard animation)
  • a VisualStoryPoster (roadmaps, templates)
  • the VisualStoryBook (picture book for businesses, NEW for 2021)

Or a combination of products!

From information to a visual story, that's the goal. Because that’s what touches people and what people remember.



During meetings, I visualize what I hear and what I experience.
I listen. At the same I filter, organize and translate it visually to a large size paper or digitally (on location as well as remote).

I enjoy working in meaningful, well facilitated meetings and in temporary teams.

It's not about creating a 'beautiful' drawing, but whether or not it helps people to understand and remember.

Insights and energy come together in one big drawing and increase the impact of your meeting, even long after it has ended.

Reach out ahead of time through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0031629350848 for availability.



More and more people are discovering the power of working visually. Less writing, more drawing!

Do you want to learn how to visualize? Then join the Functional Drawing Training. In 1 day you will master the basic skills of working visually. You will learn how to handle every visual situation with joy and self confidence.

You will leave inspired, full of ideas ánd with a great set of markers so you can get started right away!

Find more information here.

Or get in touch about in-company (teambuilding) workshops, customized to your needs (Dutch & English).

How visual storytelling works (studio projects)



We start with the 3 core questions: for whom, where are we now, where are we heading? Knowing why you are doing this, is key.

I will guide you through the process. We do what is necessary to turn information into story. Dig deep, chop away or by helicopter view. I ask, listen and together we get to the heart of the situation.



We search for the real story you want to tell.

Which elements are there, what do we need to focus on and which shape is most effective to let your message shine?

It is a matter of making choices, to build and craft until we find the right structure.

Balanced. Containing empathy, valuable content and perspective.



Once we have a clear story, the visualizing process can begin. How can we use these drawings to create a world where your message gets across and sticks? 

I listen, keep asking questions, tap into my powers of imagination and keep moving things around in my head until I am able to see the complete picture. I share my ideas and sketches with you and together we work towards the final product.

From video, storybook, to templates or even animated gifs.

Tools & info



Do you want to get started with working visually or are you looking for more information? Take a look at my resources page.

During the last couple of years I gathered quite a collection of sources. Links to books, online sources, communities, tools and supplies that I personally recommend.



In the years 2012-2020, my work revolved around functional drawing workshops and live graphic recording (large visual summaries). I learned so much and enjoyed it a lot.

Now, during Corona, I only draw live during remote sessions, and only a limited number of these a month. I now choose to focus on visualizing stories in hand drawn videos, visuals and printed storybooks. To support companies and organizations in their communication and connection with their employees.



Thinking with your hands is incredibly effective! My Neuland Ambassador Kit is the perfect set to start with. 
The contents: Outliner (BigOne, 2x No.One wedge nib, No.One round nib, FineOne, RefillOne), 7 x No.One wedge nib (200, 301, 401, 501, 703, 801, 600), Artmarker (101) & Pen pouch XL.

These markers are refillable, water based and the nibs are replaceable.







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